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Shor Attention Records


Artwork release 2 mail.jpg

Label: Short Attention Records

Artist: VA

Format: Digital

Catalog: SAD002


Year: 2019



Mane - TPB

Pedro Salgado - Step 1

Hector Ram - Rolling 19

Riki - Narwhals

Alpha+ - Floating Technique

Kicking off the labels, the second release of Short Attention Digital offers 5 rough techno cuts ranging from banging Detroit techno to moody acid excursions, a powerful vibe throughout the whole VA is a true homage to underground Techno music.


First of all Mane bring us a track where drums are lo-fi and loose, the baseline is a meandering thing that really sucks you in and soft, gentle toms tumble around the groove and encourage you to cut loose.

After some releases as "Unknown Artist" Pedro Salgado marks his first release since November 2017. "Step 1" wraps gentle acid lines and futuristic techno riffs around a crunchy 808 rhythm track ready to wrap the dance floor.
"Rolling 19" by Hector Ram goes with a deep bass and cosmic and spaced synths, is perfectly blurry and analogue in design, while the drums has a deep and late night cut with jacking percussion forcing a groove.
Riki "Narwhals" impresses with inventive textures and mixture of the synthetic with the organic in fresh new ways, gradually forming into a starlit stepper of the highest calibre.

Alpha + steps up a gear with "Floating Technique", as the analogue percussive rhythms go into overdrive, the track sublimely blends esoteric melodies and a bunchy bass line with energetic electronic rhythms throughout the track An impressive 5-tracker compiled of groovy yet pounding Techno mastery.

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