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Shor Attention Records


SAD003 ART.png

Label: Short Attention Records

Artist: Mane

Format: Digital

Catalog: SAD003


Year: 2020



Mane - The Fabue

Mane & Rimini - Joy (Mane's Interpretation Mix)

Mane - Supression

Mane - Old Days

The mexican producer Mane brings to us his new 4 tracks ep “Rough Nights” for Short Attention.
Starting with “The Fabule”, a house track with immersive melodies and a rhythmic bass which keeps the high quality. Then comes “Joy”, a collaboration with Rimini where we are able to hear deep chords that make you dance with a special feeling while the multiple synth melodies take you through the track. “Suppression” is energetic and stronge, adding a little techno taste to the ep. The last track, "Old Days", perfectly reminds us the pure Detroit house feeling, with a vast array of synths, chords and melodies that work among the bass lines and drums to bring different slants.

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