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Dj Caeli - Eat That $*** Mixxx

DJ CAELI, Co-owner of Short attention delivers a mix of his personal influences.


Dj Screw - Tell Me Something Good
Regal86 - The Neighborhood Runs For Blood For Life
Mack 187 - Natural High (96' Fleetwood)
Lunatik Mobb - Catch A Cap Feat. Baker
Whorty- Smoked Out Da Favela
Chilly @Rthur - Tommy Gun
? - ? 
Regal86 - Madbent121 
? - ?
Koopsta Knicca - Purple Thang
Delroy Edwards - Slap A Hoe (Squeeky)
Tommy Wright III - Fuck All Yall
Fiti X Freddie Dredd - Eat That 45
Raw 2 Survive - Blood Sweat N Tears
Regal86 - Test Drive

Genre: Hip-Hop | Rap      Sub-genre : Thug-Rap, Slowed,                                                         Memphis,Trap

Interview for Tectónica Mag (Spanish)


Interview for Chilean website Tectónica Mag. Talking about our identity and what comes in the future.

Short Attention X Mitamine Lab 

Hailing from Mexico, Short Attention (a.k.a. Hector Ram & DJ Caeli) Make this special mix for Culture Curators based in D.F + N.Y. Mitamine Lab. The mix include many influences of this two guys.


The art selected for this mix is by James Rosenquist.

1. James Rosenquist, Beach Call, 1933.
2. James Rosenquist, Drawing #10 – Heart Time Flowers, 1980.
3. James Rosenquist, Time Points, 1991.

Short Attention X Low Mute

Podcast for our boys based in Guadalajara Mexico.

Hector Ram, co-founder of Short Attention made a special mix for the boys of Low Mute. 64 minutes where love is predominant.

Artwork by De — volt

DJ Caeli - Raiz P004 - Saturday Afternoons

With base in  House & Detroit Techno, is what DJ Caeli gives in 48 min of mix for the Raiz Family.

Seger DJ - PP1 (Unsigned)

Spaced out House this is the description by Moskalus for the Unsigned track of Seger DJ a.k.a. Hector Ram. 

DJ Caeli - MIX (File.0001)

First mix of DJ Caeli.



Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter (M44K'S Rawcut)|Fred - G303 (Original Mix)|Nikolay Sunak - Acid Orthodox 1|Dyonisos - Untitled (take 3)|Hiworld - 3061|MEXICALI - Gettin' Round|Groove Selecta - Bamboo (Pavement Dub)|Nikolay Sunak - Come on and Jack!|Fred - Less|Omar S - Muggy Detroit Heat,Mix by Norm Talley|Elka - Couch Trax|Fred - GTPHD (Raw cut)|PUR - Outta My Mind (Final)|Distorted Portrait - Ogle-TR-56b

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