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Shor Attention Records


This South London based dj is originally from San Antonio, TX, Chupacabras first started djing while living in Barcelona around 2001 playing at Bar Benidorm and Club Del Mar. Originally leaning more towards Detroit Techno and Electro artists he quickly fell into Miami Bass, Ghetto House, Italo Disco and Chicago House. After sweating it out in the underground illegal party scene for a few years he became resident in one of the secondary rooms at Nitsa Club/Apolo called Sala Neon.

There he got to know the likes of Legowelt, I-F, Angel Molina, DMX Krew, Andy Weatherall, Marco Passarani and John Talabot to name a few. He also worked alongside Dj Zero at Wah Wah Records at this time in the “Dance Room”.In 2004 it was time to move to New York. Upon arrival he delved deeper into all things underground such as disco, boogie and soul while still playing house, techno and electro. During this time he also travelled many times to Detroit learning from some of the best. Focusing more on production these days and residing in London, expect a lot of upcoming releases, a bit of djing and more live sets.


Shouts to: Willie B , JDH, Jon B, Ron M, Scott Z, Dj Zero, Dj Feel, Danny W, Overdose, I-G, I-F


More about Chupacabras:

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