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Shor Attention Records


Since back in 92, Diego Perrisson has been dedicated to search for new sounds either new or old... From his beginnings as a DJ, associated with the classical House sound, he has always been in touch with good music.

He has worked as a professional DJ in clubs that have marked the local electronic scene, as well as radio shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina.2012 he opened his own label named Monochromatic Records which released 4 issues with holdings of artists such as Specter, Brad Peterson ,Laak and his own productions under the alias, 'Banfield Audio'.

In 2014 he joined to co-work as a Dj resident in the best party in Buenos Aires called BA Sound Culture, this platform was quite useful to show important artists and collaborate with the growth of the underground movement in the city.

Diego has currently started his new label named Fundamental Sounds.


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