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For the 012th Mix in the CD Series we have a very important name of the Underground Scene, former member of the famous live band Los Hermanos and associated with Underground Resistance.

Hailing from Bassett, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, producer/DJ Santiago Salazar has a new nine-track full-length on the way titled “The Night Owl” via the Love What You Feel label.

His first interaction with music came right out of his LA neighborhood where he would see a mixture of gangs, block parties, DJs and radio jams leading to the point where he first got inspired with music.Salazar has now grown and impacted the Latino techno sphere worldwide with his work heavily influenced by his upbringings in LA, Chicano heritage, the Underground Resistance (where he first encountered it in his high school years) and his style of house and techno music.

Love What You Feel will release The Night Owl on May 17th, 2019.

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