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Shor Attention Records


Being part of the famous duo Juju & Jordash and the third part of Magic Mountain High (J&J and Move D), the Off Minor Recordings label owner brings to us this Ambient-Jazz selection. Jordan has released numerous amount of music in the past few years; he always brings the music you are not expecting to hear and you always find something special on it, you find this new way to enjoy it and discover it. In 2018 Jordan released Pinball Lizard EP in Rush Hour Music and also his Setting the Scene for an Island Battle Album as Crotocosm (Jordan and Willie Burns). For this year he brings the new Juju & Jordash, SLACK TRAX # 2.

As a label owner, Jordan keeps the underground essence by releasing great music from great artists such as Tom Dicicco, Willie Burns, Jose Rico and the most recent album by Darling & Lexi, which was released this year. In relation with his label, Jordan has a biweekly show at Red Light Radio under the name Off Minor. The Rush Hour artist keeps himself busy in his local music scene in Amsterdam and the world.

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