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Shor Attention Records


It is an honor to have one of our all times favorites dj/producers in our Series, one hour and a half full of Techno.

Joey Anderson has always released great music keeping the essence of what he has built with his sound and style, deep rhythms with hypnotic feeling. Extended catalogue of releases in some of the best underground labels like Syncrophone Recordings, Levon Vincent & Anthony Parasole’s Deconstruct Music, and of course, his own label Inimeg Recordings, to mention a few. As a DJ, Joey has been touring at festivals and clubs all over the world, being as well a very often special guest at the dutch festival Dekmantel, where, as you might imagine, he has released music as well. Anderson is one of those artists you should always keep an eye on, creativity and unexpected sounds are essential in his music. Whether music or dancing, Joey Anderson never loses his own visión.

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More about Joey Anderson:

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