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Shor Attention Records


Eddie Reynolds aka Tr One is a DJ and producer based in Carlow, Ireland. A much-respected figure within Ireland’s fertile electronic music scene, Reynolds cites the likes of Dublin’s D1 Recordings, Kraftwerk, and Detroit as early influences. From a DJ perspective, Reynolds has played in all of Ireland and Dublin’s foremost nightspots including Twisted Pepper, Wigwam, Tengu, District 8 and beyond in Belfast, London, Manchester and Berlin.

Tr-One’s productions have a combination of Chicago, Detroit and Dublin influences, giving as a result, music supported and played for respected underground artists like Santiago Salazar, Moxie, Life Recorder to mention a few. He has released music on labels like Don’t Be Afraid, Lunar Disko and Solar Phenomen, as well as in Short Attention Records in 2021.

In addition, Eddie Reynolds runs his own label Intrinsic Rhythm where he’s dedicating himself to release both his own music and others. Recently, its latest EP, “Return To Titan” was released with music by John Heckle.



More about Tr One:

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