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Andy Vaz, hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, is a musician and label manager known for his long career in the electronic music world. Starting as being the curator of “Background Recordings”, a prominent minimal techno label since 1997. The label has played a significant role in presenting and educating the world about minimal electronic music, featuring influential artists like Baby Ford, Jan Jelinek, Todd Sines, Terrence Dixon, to mention a few. Vaz also founded "A Touch of Class" to bridge global deep house and minimal techno and ”YORE”, focusing on old-school Detroit & Chicago House featuring original artists such as Rick Wade, Chez Damier and Alton Miller. Andy started to release his own material in 2000 with the Sound Variation series, a set of 10 conceptual releases focusing on re-use and recycling of instrumentations within boundless compositional approaches. In 2011, his album "Straight Vacationing" gained critical acclaim, contributing to his success worldwide.

As a performer, Andy Vaz has been in various venues worldwide, including the legendary "Liquid Room" in Tokyo and the Mutek Festival in Mexico.



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