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Shor Attention Records


Record Label: Short Attention

Country: Mexico

Artist: Various

Release Date: August, 2023

Format: Vinyl 12"

Catalog: SA003

Side A:

A1. Boo Williams - Transformation

A2. Kai Alcé - Love Exists

Side B:

B1. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Soul Expression

B2. Hector Ram - Morning Sun Vibes

After the House and Techno Breaks provided by Hector Ram in the second release of the label (SA002), The Ram Fam are now given the task of bringing together artists with a long history in the classic House scene, as well as very active and constantly growing names within the underground, resulting in a 4-track ‘VA’ full of Deep House that promises a fidelity to the roots of the sound of this genre.

From electro bass lines and deep soulful atmospheres to harmonic piano keys, the work and passion of the artists Boo Williams, Kai Alcé, Owen Jay, Melchior Sultana and Hector Ram fit together in a perfect sense of mutual influences for the SA003.

Boo William's 'Transformation' is a smooth and chord-laced house roller that has a more reflective vibe than his usual party-starting offerings. Atlanta don Kai Alce's 'Love Exists' is a heartfelt house romance then the long-time partnership of Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana douse us in star-gazing chords on 'Soul Expression' that leave you feeling refreshed. Hector Ram's 'Morning Sun Vibes' then uplifts with beautifully gentle piano chords..

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